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CertifAI is a great starting point for you to get into a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI), be it landing that dream job or starting that business you’ve always wanted.

Begin your journey as a certified AI engineer today.

We are trained AI practitioners with the aim to empower the society with practical AI capabilities.

Who We Are

CertifAI, a subsidiary of Skymind, was founded in March 2020. It is an innovative, growing company based in the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia that provides expertise in AI to the tech-savvy world.

Break into AI and be a part of the AI revolution

Here’s what you’ll get:

Courses and Certifications

Join our training courses hosted by our very own Deep Learning engineers and sit for our examination to be an AI certified engineer.

Talent Solutions

Check out how we identify, certify, and qualify our AI talents in solving complex business problems with AI-driven solutions.

AI Communities

Check out our webinar snippets to see how AI practitioners showcase their expertise, share learning, and help others start their journey in AI.

Our Courses and Certifications

Enroll now and be certified so you may stand out from the rest.

Deep Learning in Computer Vision

Duration: 12 days | Intake: 21 September 2020

Have you mastered Deep Learning in Computer Vision?

Enroll now to learn different techniques of Deep Learning in Computer Vision (image processing, image classification, object detection, and so on). 

Once you have passed the examination, you will be recognized as a Certified Engineer in Computer Vision. It also means that you could start working on your own pet projects or even get the job you’ve always wanted.

AI For Everyone

Duration: 3 days with 4 hours each day| Intake: Year 2021

Want to let people out there to know that you’ve

started your journey into AI?

Enroll in the AI For Everyone course and enhance your literacy in Artificial Intelligence while exploring the possibilities that AI can achieve.

Upon passing the examination, you’ll be awarded the AI For Everyone Certificate, which in some ways, tells you that you have taken the first step into embracing AI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is there a fee charged to attend the courses?

Yes. You will be charged for training and examination fees. The amount depends on the type of training format preferred. We also have funded training programmes that we can recommend, provided that the applicant meets the prerequisite criteria (e.g. Malaysian, passes all technical assessments and interviews, currently unemployed). You may email to know more.

Q2. What is the mode of training? Online or offline?

We offer both online and offline training. Tentatively, all the training will be held online. The training varies based on the MCO restrictions or guidelines by the government.

Q3. For the offline training, where will it be held?

All training conducted physically will be held at the Skymind City Campus, in Penang, Malaysia.

Q4. What do I need to prepare before joining the courses?

The AI for Everyone course is open to everyone. For the enrollment requirements for the Deep Learning in Computer Vision course, please refer to the guidelines here.


"It won’t hurt to try. After all, experts were beginners once."

I was taught by capable instructors about the basic AI concepts to advanced theories in computer vision using analogies and exercises which were fun and allowed me to grasp the knowledge in a short time.

Shuwaibatul, Junior AI System Engineer

"Great for learning, even better to jumpstart your AI career!"

The training was an amazing experience that not only extended my knowledge into machine vision, but also solidified my fundamentals in deep learning and understanding about the latest AI development.

Fahreza Alghifari, Data Science Intern

"Don't come expecting a job, but the knowledge."

As a machine learning enthusiast, I was always interested in broadening my skills in Deep Learning as it is the current AI trend. The course helped me piece together the knowledge I have learned before.

Hadi Azharudin, Junior Deep Learning Engineer

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Meet Our Founder

“We are AI practitioners who are passionate about achieving breakthroughs in the development of AI and build an AI-driven community.

Chia Wei Lim

Founder of CertifAI

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