Upcoming AI Courses

Year 2021 | Academy Website (LMS)

Two AI courses to-be-released at CertifAI’s academy website in May and June of the Year 2021. Are you excited?

AI From The Data Perspective Short Course

Duration: 4 Hours | Intake: May 2021

Want to learn how AI and Big Data work together?

Join this course to learn the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence and big data. During the course, you will gain more awareness and insights toward AI and how you can make use of it to unlock the potential of data stores, enhance the productivity and workflow in your organisation. 

This course will be launched on the CertifAI Academy Website in May 2021.

Deep Learning In Time Series Course

Intake: June 2021

Want to predict future trends in your business?

If yes, join the Deep Learning in Time Series course. You will learn how to understand timely patterns in data and forecast trends in business metrics such as sales, stock market prices, turnover and more.

This course will be launched on the CertifAI Academy Website by the end of June 2021.

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