Visual Inspection with AI

Apply Deep Learning to automate and accelerate human visual inspection. Applications range from parts defect detection and texture classification in the manufacturing industry to surveillance and security monitoring for public safety etc.

Pain Points

Manual human visual inspection is labor, cost and time-intensive job. Manual inspection raises high error rates due to fatigue employees and further decreases the overall yield. A lot of the employees’ time is consumed on mundane tasks that generate low returns.


State of the art Deep Learning techniques are applied to ensure optimal performance and accuracy. In the manufacturing industry, object classification enables categorical sorting of objects. Object detection and segmentation helps our users to locate and assess the defects on their product. Machine vision solution allows for fine-grained inspection as compared to manual human visual inspection. Process automation in production line greatly improve the process efficiency and yield. AI visual inspection solutions can also be applied in remote areas that are hard to access and dangerous.

Business Value

  • Improve yield by automating the parts inspection for defects in production line. Improve the quality of the produced parts by evaluating the number and the degree of the defects.
  • Migrate the business workforce from doing mundane tasks to perform more meaningful and challenging tasks. Improve work productivity and enhance the employees’ skillsets.
  • Save time when performing site surveying. Deep learning paired with hardware solutions enables a safer, more accurate way to do a site survey and saves resources.

Similar AI applications

  • AI Surveillance and Security monitoring systems accurately perform crowd-count and evaluate public safety. AI visual systems can assess the risk of the workers by detecting their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), face masks, etc.
  • Categorize harvest crops based on quality in agriculture. Predict yield of crops by surveying the farm on air.
  • Deploy drones to do visual inspection at remote places, e.g. inspecting radio towers or solar panels in a solar farm.

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