Smart Retail with AI

AI transforms your retail business to smart retail. It allows you to understand your customers better, as well as provides personalized offerings and engaging environments.

In addition, smart retail with AI gathers detailed customer patterns and preferences, which is to ensure more informed business decisions in the long run.

Pain Points

Most of the retailers struggle to truly understand their customers, they rely on royalty programs to identify customers and to keep track of customers’ buying preferences. Understanding customers hold many benefits such as enhanced customer loyalty by offering white-glove service and providing recommendation based on the history of purchase.


Facial recognition technology is utilized to extract information such as identity, gender, age, and expression from the human face. These informations are used to further understand the customers, letting the retailers know if the customer is a new or an existing one. With the information, personalization and customization for each customer can provide a premium experience and eventually lead to an increase in convertion rates. Additionally, facial expression can be used to correctly capture the customer’s shopping experience and emotion, futher automate the customer feedback process.

Business Data Collection

Better Recommendations

Personalized Services to Loyal Customers

Camera Beauty Filters

Business Value

  • Provide exquisite services to loyal customers or VIP customers.
  • Recommend relevant products based on purchase history to increase the conversion rate.
  • Data collection for richer business insights that can be used to enhance marketing, operations, etc.

Similar AI applications

  • Face recognition technology can also be used as surveillance system to prevent theft, and shoplifters. Find missing children and disoriented adults.
  • Face recognition is often use as a filter to beautify the face or embed graphical animation on face for entertainment purpose.
  • Access control and attendance tracking.
  • Driver fatigue monitoring or detection.

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