Predict Customer Satisfaction with AI

Predict customer satisfaction with AI using customer and product data to allow pre-emptive measures of potential customer sentiment. This can be used in any industry dealing directly with the client such as retail, online stores, and other product-based business.

Pain Points

Manual inspection of customer reviews is very tedious and consumes a lot of time. This reduces the productivity of the business that can be used on more important things. Reviews are also done after a purchase had been made and can negatively impact the product if bad reviews are given.


This solution is achieved using state of the art process automation technology together with novel deep learning techniques. Process automation technology allows interaction with a company’s database using the same user interface like a person. Data from the database are collected to be fed into AI systems locally or in the cloud using modern AI serving platforms such as Konduit. The AI system then returns results that can gauge the customer’s satisfaction level before a purchase is even made. The result can be used by process automation technology for multitudes of application leading to end-to-end automation.

Business Value

  • Greatly reduces the time taken by companies to do a manual inspection of customer/product reviews allowing them to focus on more value-adding tasks.
  • Limit human interaction with sensitive information such as customer data allowing more privacy and safety of data while at the same time allowing businesses to leverage these sensitive data more efficiently.
  • Better customer satisfaction to the product they buy which would result in better overall reviews and sales in the long term.

Similar AI applications

  • Product recommendation technique that caters to specific customers as the AI predicts customer satisfaction based on customer and product information before a purchase is made.
  • Sentiment analysis of customer/product review more accurately as in current solutions, customers can give low ratings even when their reviews are actually positive.
  • Targeted marketing allows sales managers to focus on higher potential customers based on their information.

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