Talent Solutions in AI

Here at CertifAI, we help you develop and execute AI projects for your business with our talent network. Our network consists of certified AI engineers and developers who provide industry-wide solutions.

How Does It Work?


We identify the pain points of your business and source the best-fitting talents to be trained, certified, and integrated into your team so that you can make the most out of AI with our AI talents.


Talents sourced undergo personalized training and are then certified by us before they are ready to join your team as AI Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Annotation Specialists, or other AI-related job roles.


Our talents are now equipped with the necessary skill sets. They are ready to be absorbed into your organization and start working with your team to run projects seamlessly and develop solutions you need.

Example Use Cases Developed By Our Talents

Visual Inspection

Apply Deep Learning to automate and accelerate human visual inspection. Applications range from parts defect detection and texture classification in the manufacturing industry to surveillance and security monitoring for public safety, etc.

Customer Satisfaction Prediction

Integrate AI into a product database to predict customer satisfaction. Use customer and product data to allow a pre-emptive measure of potential customer sentiment. This can be used in any industry that deals directly with the client such as retail stores, online stores, and other product-based businesses.

Automated Invoice Processing

Apply Deep Learning to detect areas of interest in an invoice such as name of suppliers, invoice number, table items, and price and use Optical Character Recognition to extract text. Transforming these data from unstructured to structured has allowed it to be used in automation processes such as automated entry of invoices into databases, accounting and invoice creation.

Smart Retail

Incorporating AI into retail stores to help retailers get know their customers, deliver personalized offerings and engaging environments. Gather detailed customer patterns and preferences that make business decisions more informed in the long run.