Our Vision and Mission

We are CertifAI, a subsidiary of Skymind specialised in AI certification.

Despite the hardships that we encountered throughout the journey of AI, we work for the best to accomplish our missions to achieving our vision. Learn about our vision and mission to know what keeps us staying motivated.

Our Vision

To be a world-class company of technology excellence in AI certification, validation, data, and research to build an AI-driven community. 

Our Mission

We are the team of CertifAI, an energetic and result-oriented team. We are committed to achieving our vision through eight keywords (CERTIFAI) that sum up our mission. Here’s how we define each one. Read on to know us better!

Mission 1:

C is for Course and Certification

Courses and Certifications that connect human and artificial intelligence technologies. We provide certification courses and examinations in AI and Deep Learning to certify AI practitioners.

Mission 2:

is for Enterprise

Enterprise-level AI software development. We enable AI projects and build use cases that tailor to business needs. 

Mission 3:

R is for Research

Research collaboration with universities. We collaborate with public and private universities in Malaysia to train up the AI-emerging generation. 

Mission 4:

T is for Train

Train world-class AI practitioners. We help to identify, certify and qualify talents and equipped them with the necessary skill sets to be working seamlessly in a team to run AI projects.

Mission 5:

is for Innovation

Innovation of AI products and projects across industries. We enable innovative AI products and projects to hit the ground and running.

Mission 6:

F is for Facilitation

Facilitate the adoption of AI solution to improve people’s lives. We use AI to anticipate needs and build AI use cases to facilitate AI and digital transformation. 

Mission 7:

A is for Annotation

Annotation of data that enhance data science workflows. We enable a data platform for versioning, data annotation and management to kickstart the AI workflow.

Mission 8:

I is for Initiative

Initiative to break new ground in AI. We contribute actively in different field of AI to building an AI-driven world.