The Computer Vision Course Requirements

Basic Requirements

  • Trainees who are selected to enter the training course shall commit full-time participation. 
  • Trainees have to demonstrate good communication and writing skills in English, as it is the medium of communication used in lectures, materials, and examinations.

Trainees' Qualification

  • Currently pursuing or already possesses at least a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Software Engineering or any equivalent.

Technical Skills and Knowledge

  • Demonstrated ability in Java/Python/C++ Programming and preferable experience in software engineering practices such as debugging and version control.
  • An undergraduate-level applied linear algebra, calculus, probability and statistics.
  • Data manipulation and analysis.
  • Preferably understanding of Machine Learning.

Soft Skills

  • Algorithmic thinking and aptitude in problem-solving.
  • Proactiveness in learning and comfortable with seeking advice from instructors and peers.
  • Willingness to participate in classroom discussions and collaborate with other trainees in projects.
  • Preferably a fast learner, who is able to self-regulate learning and digest new technical content independently.
  • Passionate about the latest technologies.

What are the Prerequisites?

Participants are required to fulfil all the pre-course assessment before they can join the training course.

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