AI From The Data Perspective Short Course

Duration: 4 Hours | Intake: May 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are seemly inseparable. AI relies on and learns from every data input to create new rules for business analytics.

In this short course, you will learn about the fundamental concepts of AI and big data and how they work together to draw useful business insights.

01. An Introduction to the Course

  • Skymind AI Ecosystems Builder
  • Objectives of the Course
  • Target Audience

02. Industrial Revolution 4.0

  • What is IR 4.0?
  • Talent and Business

03. The Age of Artificial Intelligence

  • The Power of Big Data
  • Data Policy Motivation
  • How does Artificial Intelligence learn?
  • Walkthrough of Artificial Intelligence Advances (i.e., levels of AI, types of learning, etc)

04. Supervised Learning From The Data Perspective

  • Types of Data and Annotated Data
  • Definition of Labelled Data 
  • How do machines learn in Supervised Learning?

05. Develop a Data-Centric Perspective

  • Data Collection Techniques and the Importance of Data Labeller
  • Data Annotation Techniques for Images (i.e., Bounding Box, Segmentation)
  • Data Fallacies
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Adoption of AI into Business

06. (Hands-on) Classifai Installation & Walkthrough

  • What is Classifai?
  • Output Types

07. Above & Beyond

  • Use Case Overview (i.e., pain points, solutions and values)

08. Appendices

  • Keyword Glossary
  • Resources

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