Meet Former Data Science Interns

For the past few months, we have taken in a few Interns to join our data science team. Today, they have completed their six month internship programme. Meet our former data science interns now and learn about their experience at CertifAI.

Alvin Wong

Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) – University of Malaya (UM)

“CertifAI has offered a great internship program to expose students to…”

Working at CertifAI allows students to deepen their knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its practical applications. Nevertheless, the mentors are so kind and always invest efforts in the growth of their juniors. 


The working culture is rewarding and supportive. You will see everyone working as a family and embracing each other to achieve positive changes. The energetic working environment has allowed me to blossom and acquires a lot of skills from my mentors. I have been exposed to a variety of AI technologies, particularly in deep learning and computer vision. I have learned techniques such as face recognition, object detection, image segmentation and some essential skills to build an AI model such as version control (Git), robotic motion, data scraping, data cleaning, data labelling and analysis. 


CertifAI has offered a great internship program to expose students to the actual industrial needs by hands-on practices. During my six-month internship here, I have been involved in the Denso Wave Robotic Arm project, provided support to Skymind China, and some data analysis works for the recommendation system. Other than that, it was my first time helping out AI practitioners at CertifAI to develop course contents regarding AI and became a teaching assistant for the AI training courses. It would be one of the most valuable experiences of my lifetime.


Last but not least, the colleagues at CertifAI are super helpful. They are always there providing me with valuable pieces of advice. All these mean a lot to me. I am truly honoured to work as part of the CertifAI team. For those who wish to kick-start their AI careers but are not sure about how to start, CertifAI will be the most appropriate place to learn while working.


Choon Eung Yeoh

Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) – University of Malaya (UM)

“My greatest treasure from CertifAI is to learn new technical skills such as…”

The internship program at CertifAI will introduce you to more possibilities of AI. You’ll be able to dive deeper about AI, theoretical and practical, and prepare yourself to become a certified AI or deep learning engineer. The best thing about CertifAI is their working environment. If you are a result-oriented person, you will feel valued and inspired every day. You will see that the team members can come to consensus while brainstorming ideas and coming up with the solutions on tasks.

To summarise my internship experience at CertifAI, I have assisted in the training sessions for AI talents. I am honoured to help out seniors in the development and maintenance of the new and existing courses. One of the most exciting tasks during my internship was the modelling of dynamic modulus of asphalt. 

My greatest treasure from CertifAI is to learn new technical skills such as Deeplearning4j (DL4J) and PyTorch and improve my Python and Git skills. Moreover, I have learned other skill sets to become an AI-ready engineer, which included ways to make data clean and readable, transfer theory to practical applications, and more. 

Overall, I am so happy to work and learn alongside a group of energetic and helpful staff. My internship with CertifAI will become an unforgettable journey for my entire life.

Guan Yu Tan

Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) – University of Malaya (UM)

“Everyone at CertifAI is very passionate about what they’re working on…”

CertifAI has been a great company to work as an intern. Generally, all the staff are young and helpful. At CertifAI, you might meet the most friendly people ever!


I remembered the staff there welcomed me with open arms when I first came to work. I had joined their welcome parties which were pretty fun. Everybody was trying to let loose. It was a valuable opportunity for me to adapt to the working environment and get along well with my colleagues. Nevertheless, my mentors are always professional in their roles. They have provided constructive bits of advice whenever I came to a halt due to a roadblock. Everyone at CertifAI is very passionate about what they’re working on, thus lifting the working atmosphere. 


It is undeniable that this internship experience has solidified my technical skills as a programmer. Other than that, I was able to partake in multiple ongoing projects that were extremely fun. I am so proud as one of the team members to assist my mentors throughout the training sessions for deep learning engineers. 


To sum up, the experience gave me the clue of how it feels like to be a part of the team and work together with the teammates to brainstorm useful solutions. The lessons and qualities that I have learned from working here are tremendously valuable, which I will carry them over into my future endeavours. 

Thank You!

We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to our former data science interns for all your hard work and enthusiasm in wanting to be better. Each one of you is truly amazing and we loved to see your passion in data science and innovation. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Best of luck!