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AI For Everyone

Duration: 3 days with 4 hours each day | Intake: Year 2021

Begin your journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence by understanding what it can do for you and how it can change the way you do things.

About This Course

AI is for everyone. This is a non-technical course that helps you to understand AI and its key concepts including machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. This course is suitable for emerging AI generation who wants to learn more about Artificial Intelligence.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of AI and why is it important in this age
  • Perform data analysis and learn how the AI workflow should be 
  • How AI is currently impacting many other industries out there and what the next trends in AI will be like
  • How much AI has contributed to the society in helping us advance further and improving quality of life

Course Outline

Week 1 : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This module aims to introduce the various terminologies used in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the history of AI, and some of the key figures that brought AI to where it is today.

Week 2 : Employing Machine Learning in AI

This module aims to explain how does an AI workflow should look like, helping students understand how NLP can improve human communication and the various forms of machine learning.

Week 3 : Developing Robots for AI

The third module will dive deeper into how robots see the world and what goes into making an autonomous self-driving car work.

Week 4 : How Is AI Changing The Industry?

Be it healthcare, education, or business, Artificial Intelligence is transforming these industries one at a time, forming innovative solutions to age-old problems. This module aims at telling how far they’ve gotten with AI.

Week 5 : Contributions of AI to the Society

It isn’t only the industries that benefit from the good of AI but so do the society too. This module uncovers how AI works for the masses in improving day-to-day activities.

Week 6 : Artificial Intelligence and The Future

This final module will explain how will AI be like in the future and what are the various trends that we could expect to see, helping us leverage the best out of it.

Kent Yeap

Kent is a Project Manager and AI Evangelist at CertifAI and Skymind. Previously a software engineer in Intel, he now manages Talent Development programs, which aims to empower the society with practical AI capabilities and foster AI industry growth. He also holds a Master’s degree in Data Science and Analytics by USM, focusing on Machine Learning, Big Data, and data visualization.

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