We Are CertifAI

We provide comprehensive training, educational content, professional certification and talent solutions to anyone who sees the potential of AI and wishes to harness it.

We are AI practitioners who aim to empower the society with practical AI capabilities.

Our Story

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the 1950s and today has evolved into a tool that could help anyone improve their quality of life. All this is made possible with the massive volume of data available, advanced algorithms and better computing power. More and more industries today are adopting AI and incorporating them into their day-to-day business, automating repetitive learning and leveraging available big data. This enabling technology is set to create a revolution in business technology.

With AI being such a disruptive force bringing about change, we need to find a way to help more people harness this power to make the most out of it. To meet this next wave of industry innovation, businesses need to hire exceptional talents with the right skills to solve AI problems.

CertifAI, a subsidiary of Skymind, was founded in March 2020. It is an innovative, growing company based in the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia that provides expertise in AI that matters to a tech-savvy world.

At CertifAI, we do not only train potential employees for you but we are also about tailor-made training syllabus to cater to the needs of your team where they will be able to work seamlessly with our personalised solutions.

Meet Our Team

“We are AI practitioners who are passionate about achieving breakthroughs in the development of AI and build an AI-driven community.

Chia Wei Lim

Founder of CertifAI

Kent Yeap

Project Manager 

Keng Hooi Teoh

Senior Deep Learning Engineer

William Ardianto

Senior Deep Learning Engineer

Jing Zhi Loh

Senior Deep Learning Engineer

Zulhusni Abdul Rahman

 Senior Intelligent Automation Engineer

Ken Ge Low

Web Developer

Daniel Lim

Web Developer

Gemini Loh

Web Developer cum SEO Specialist